Question: Do you want to be represented by a Party Politician (a puppet to their political party) or would you prefer to be represented by someone REAL & FREE?

As the ONLY Independent Candidate for Casey, l strongly believe l am best suited to truly, openly and publicly express the needs, views and concerns of the people of Casey.

If you crave Fair Dinkum Representation, l urge you to consider putting your faith & support behind me... I will not let you down!

Items high on my agenda include,

  • Cost of living is too high We must find solutions which provide real relief to families and businesses, especially important is the ridiculously high electricity prices
  • We need more jobs We must assist businesses to startup, expand and compete. Getting electricity prices down would be a terrific start, we must also cut red tape where possible and we must assist and fully support certain key industries, for example we must fully support our farming industry as we all need to eat to survive, without our very own Aussie Farmers we could be in some serious strife.
  • Pensioners, Seniors, Homeless & Vulnerable We must do more to ensure every Australian is given the opportunity to do and be their best. This means we must ensure all of those who need support, are able to get that support. Pensioners should be provided with the means to live their lives in a safe, comfortable and pleasant manner. In what is called the lucky country, we should not have families living below the poverty line and no person should be left in a situation where they might be homeless and/or feel their situation is hopeless.
  • Reduce Immigration Our population can not continue to grow at the current rate. Our infrastructure, public services, housing is currently insufficient for those of us all ready here, how could anyone argue that we should continue to grow the population at the expense of other Australians who might be looking for a job, waiting for a medical procedure, trying to buy/rent (find) a home and so on. We may or may not like shutting the gate, but we must ensure we put the interests of our own people first. By the way, the above paragraph doesn't make me racist, it simply makes me a realist.
  • Build Roads & Infrastructure No one should work a 6, 8, 12 hour day and then be forced to spend additional hours each day stuck in traffic. By building better roads (without the tolls) and by building greater infrastructure we will make the lives of many Australians less stressful and we will assist business to better compete and grow.
  • Put Australian Interests First We must act in our nations best interest at every opportunity. It is well and good to be a good global citisen, but we must ensure our first priority is that of our country and our people.
  • Get Out Of Paris Whether you believe in climate change science or not isn't the question. I imagine we would all love to have cleaner, clearer air and water, so lets not worry about the "Why" we should reduce our emissions, lets instead concentrate on the "How" and most importantly, lets do it "Our" way and not be dictated to by some agreement which is less fair on Australia than it is on China, America, India and many others.
  • Honesty, Transparency & Fairness Government must accept that they are actually representing the people of Australia. No more secrets, no more lies, no more rorting the system, instead treat the position as it should be... An honorable position, which provides the opportunity and privilege of being able to represent the community.
I can't be all things to all people, however l will always listen to the views and concerns of the people of Casey. I will always consider my position on various issues as being open for discussion and where it appears my position is not in line with the overwhelming majority, my position can and most likely shall change in accordance with the wishes of "You" the people l wish to represent.